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Thank you for coming to Keisuke's Page. I am here to raise awareness of the thousands of International Parental Abductions to Japan and get my son, Keisuke Christian Collins back to his legal and habitual residence in the United States. On June 16, 2008 his mother, Reiko Nakata Collins violated preexisting California Superior Court orders by abducting Keisuke and fleeing to Japan 

On this site, you will find information about Keisuke, his mother Reiko, and her parents, Ken & Miyuki Nakata, who aided in my son's abduction.  You will also find valuable information to expose Japan and its family court system which supports, condones, and encourages the kidnapping of our children.

As time goes on, I will publish pictures, contact info,  and other items.

Please visit BACHome.org and on Facebook for more information and other cases


* Japan is the only G-7 nation not to have signed the Hague Convention Treaty for the Civil Aspects of the Child

*Prior to 1945 the Japanese father was awarded full custody of the children in Japan.  It was only after General McArthur wrote this change into the Treaty ending WWII with Japan that custody was awarded to women

* Since 1952, when Japan regained its sovereignty, thousands of American children have been illegally abducted to Japan. Not one child has ever been returned. According to CRC-Japan over 10,000 children have been abducted in the past 15 years

*Between 1978-1981, 17 Japanese children were abducted by North Korea. All but 5 of these children have been acounted for. Japan continues to demand their return, and rightfully so. Japan has repeatedly requested assistance from the US and the UN. At the same time, Japan is sanctioning the abduction of thousands of American children without ever returning any. More than 5 times as many American children were abducted to Japan in 2009 than those Japanese children abducted to North Korea over 30 years ago.

* In 1978 Japan signed US Law Title 18. Part II, Chapter 209, Section 3181, Paragraph 6 states that extradition is enforceable "When both parties make the offense a felony". It also goes on to say "The treaty includes parental abduction if the other foreign state party also considers the act of parental abduction to be a criminal act".

Based on the following cases, Japan now recognizes International Parental Abduction as a "Felony Offense" and must extradite those who have violated this law.

In September 2009, Japan "Detained" and tortured a man with American and Japanese citizenship for 17 days for "Attempted International Parental Abduction". 

In December 2009, Japan arrested and sent to prison a Chinese national for the "Felony Offense" of  "International Parental Abduction and Other Charges". 

Since 2008 Japan has been seeking extraditions of a Pakistani and Czech Republic fathers  for "International Parental Abduction".

There are several more cases of which Japan has turned a blind eye and its consulates have conspired with Japanese nationals to abduct American children.

* In 1993, Japan signed the United Nations Conference for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). With this document, Japan is legally bound and has agreed to equal access with the child and any person that committed the crime of abducting a child would be prosecuted in their country. Japan has refused to honr this treaty or any other treaty it has signed in regard to International Parental Abductions. Japan tries to use the argument that the US has not signed this treaty, and therefore is not bound to honr this pact. The facts are that every state in the United States already has such provisions within its own state laws.  

* Japanese child birth rate has dropped to 1.32 children per family. According to experts, the Japanese population will drop by 25% by 2050. This is another startling statistic which gives reason as to why the Japanese government turns a blind eye and encourages the abductions of our children. 

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